Atlantic Precision Plastics, Inc.
Precision in Thermoforming

Atlantic Precision Plastics, Inc.

Precision in Thermoforming

40 years of experience

Atlantic Precision Plastics is a custom manufacturer of high quality pressure and vacuum formed plastic components.

We have a comprehensive background in all phases of thermoforming and have 40 years experience to draw upon.

Our experience eliminates the problems associated with undercuts, multiple textures, low draft angles, deep draw, and spray coatings.

That technology is engineered into the manufacturing of economical, quality products. We look at every job as an opportunity to establish a long-term association with a satisfied customer.





725 County Line Rd.
Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006

(215) 355-5390



Contact us for an initial meeting to ascertain your requirements and the parameters of your job.


We see everything through: from concepts to renderings, to models, to working prototypes, to completed products.


With a clear-cut picture of your requirements, the appropriate product will be custom designed to best suit your specific application. That product will be implemented in the material, texture, and color choice to best work with your design.


You will see the product function as intended through a working prototype.


Let our technical expertise guide you to engineered products that cost effectively meet your needs.


We manufacture your products to exacting standards to fulfill your requirements. Our competitive pricing, just in time delivery, and consistent quality guarantee your satisfaction.